WHHEEEEEE. 36 hours or so till I’ll either be really sad with the Rangers’ performance against Canada’s capital city or really happy.

Until then, I’m passing the time, how else, prop betting with @VinNay about the outcome. We’re also playing in Astin’s Toronto based playoff pool challenge, but Astin took FOOOORRRRRREEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRRR (read A WHOLE DAY) to set it up, so VinNay and I are doing a heads up challenge, which means I win AND I get to use my favorite tag! The rules of the challenge are extensive (I suspect Vinnay copied and pasted it from some other dude who put thought into it all) but the gist is pick the winners of each match, at each round and the number of games. One point for picking the right winner, another for picking the right number of games.

I’ve pretty much nailed the first round and I don’t want VinNay cheating off me, so I’m going to make him post his guesses in the comment section first.

Play along at home… if you dare!

Now, I’m off to the Times Square unveiling of the Stanley cup water fountain in honor of the Rangers winning the east for the first time this century!



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