PostHeaderIcon NHL and poker

My head to head matchup with VinNay enters the penultimate stage. We both, so far, mostly suck at this.

As a Rangers fan, I’m going with my boys in six and I’m stubbornly going to continue to ignore the Kings and pick Phoenix in 7.

The poker? I watched most of the semis from poker tables in Las Vegas where I was for @thisisnotapril’s wedding. For the second Rangers/Caps game, I had a bad feeling, so I placed a cooler bet on the Caps. I was wearing my Lundqvist jersey, so when I went to cash in my winning ticket, the cashier did a double take.
“It was supposed to jinx them,” I sighed.
The cashier shook his head, counted out my fifty bucks and said “girl. That reverse psychology stuff only works on men. Not sports.”

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